Great Lake

RAINWATER HARVEST : An amazing feature of kishkinta is the unique and vast range of water based attractions. What's unbelivable but true is that rainwater is harvested and used in all the water rides at kishkinta. This macro-level rain water harvest is done in five artificial lakes within the theme park. In water - scarce Chennai, this is perhaps a useful lesson for the city residents.
News & Events
7 New rides in 3 months!!!
Kishkinta added 3 Senior rides − Super Jumper, Disco Dancer and Zyclone during April, May and June of 2014. It also added 4 new kiddie rides- Carousel, Monkey drop, Kids Kangaroo and Animal Planet.
Mr.KrishnaThothadri, Director, Kishkinta (right) accepting National Award for Excellence from Mr. N.D.Rana, Past President ,IAAPI at Indian Amusement Park Association Award Show at Mumbai February 2014.